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This page has been moved to a new location in my recent consolidation of the two sites: home.wangjianshuo.com and www.wangjianshuo.com. The old page may be found at my archive index page. Scroll to the end of the list.

The links to following pages will no longer work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nanjing 1Q2002 Trip12/14/2003
My Apartment at Vanke Waltz Garden12/14/2003
Diamond witnesses our love12/13/2003
Brother and his family visited Shanghai12/13/2003
Bill Gates Murdered by Media in China12/13/2003
Fanfan in Suzhou for Wedding12/13/2003
For first time visitor12/13/2003
Bill Gates Murdered by Media in China10/28/2003
Flying over the Pacific10/28/2003
Autumn of Seattle10/28/2003
Archive of News Items10/28/2003
5 easy ways to find out my contact information10/28/2003
Business travel to Changsha10/28/2003
My name was added to Yukon (Microsoft SQL Server 2002) sample database10/28/2003
Attended Media Conference in Microsoft10/28/2003
Microsoft Campus Photo10/25/2003
News Index10/25/2003
Congratulations to Guo Rui Feng's wedding10/25/2003
Server down for 5 hours10/25/2003
Web Cam setup in my house10/25/2003
Alcatel One Tough 71510/25/2003
Long trip to Nanjing10/25/2003
Gone back to Luoyang for the Spring Festival10/25/2003
I am prompted as Project Manager10/25/2003
Jian Shuo returned to Shanghai10/25/2003
Web construction history10/25/2003
Hard trip back to Luoyang10/25/2003
Article about me on Xin Min Weekly10/25/2003
News Index03/09/2003