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My First Home in Shanghai (June, 1999 - July, 2002)

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I am living in a rented house at Mei Long #2 Village in southwest part of Shanghai (map). It is near Zhen Xi road. Zhen Xi road itself is not interesting. Just like other new roads built recently, there is no characteristic for buildings along it. I began to wonder why we cannot build romantic roads like Heng Shan road or Huai Hai road by ourselves. Every morning, I like to walk from Zhen Xi Road down to Shang Zhong Road West, the cross busy Lian Hua Road and run into the subway station of Lian Hua Road. It is a nice 15-20 minute walk one way. Just cross Lian Hua Road, there is a newly-built park along the Lian Hua road. I haven't visited the park yet.

It is very simple without any decoration. Fortunately, the kind host provide us a refrigerator and a water heater. It is not bad. I bought furniture (most from IKEA), washing machines, TV set and microwaves by myself. I have been lived here for almost 3 years since I left university in June 1999. It is likely that I move out of the house before April 2002.

Lamp in Dark. The lamp in my guest room. It is 55 cm above my dinner table and provides every good light for dinning. It totally changed the view of my dining room.

The hot water pot. It is a lovely pot.

The lamp in my living room. I am keen at decorating the room with various type of lamp and lights. The 10 RMB lamp cover helped to make the room more comfortable.

Above computer at the corner of my living room. It has 64M + 128M = 192M memory, Celeron 400MHz CPU and 6.4G hard disk. It runs slow now and is pretty out-of-date today. However, I don't have any plan for upgrade or replacement recently.

My pot with Orange Juice. I love to drink Orange Juice and always asks for it when flight assistances ask me. I also have a juice extractor. It is not working very well though.

But I will leave here after my future home is ready.