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How Did I Built wangjianshuo.com

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To build a professional web site is not easy. Here are some of my tips to create a personal web site. I will add more tips later.

Tools used

There are two sites under http://wangjianshuo.com. One is http://www.wangjianshuo.com, which is the static website - my personal homepage. The other is http://home.wangjianshuo.com - my weblog which I contribute one article every day.

I have covered the topic on the two sites in the following article:

I am using FrontPage as the client side editing tool for http://www.wangjianshuo.com and upload it via ftp protocol. There is no CGI or ASP on this site.

I heavily used features like navigation, table of content, categories in FrontPage.

Services Used in This Web

I totally agree with Nielson that this should be an end to Homemade Websites. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Although I can build lot of services by myself, I decided to outsource as much as possible to service providers. It proves to be very efficient and saved me much energy and time. Here is a list of services I am using. Hereby, I just want to thank all the providers who offer me the free services and thank the providers I paid money for, since their services are very good so far. You know, it is not always easy to find a qualified provider even if you pay.


I got my web hosting service from Hotsales. It is a start-up company in Shanghai, providing very professional domain registration and web hosting service with very low price. I am very satisfied with their customer service.


I get web visit statistic from Extreme Tracking for free. The report it generates is very decent and useful.


I registered http://www.wangjianshuo.com domain name at www.net.cn. The price they offer for .com domain is pretty good. 


The hit counter on my home page is provided by bCentral, a Microsoft small business service.


I don't host search engine on my web site either. I outsourced this service to master.com. It will be responsible to index my web site and provide search functionality to visitors. Now the Calendar page is also hosted by master.com.


I submitted my web site to Zeal.com in Feb 2002. It should generate more traffic to this web site. It is such a cool idea with true effects. Click here for more about zeal.com


I am with Commission Junction affiliate program to get sponsorship.


I submitted my website using services from addme.com

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Later, I used PayPal to collect money from Internet


Besides that, I also try to use DHTML and CSS effects cautiously. HTML/DHTML/CSS Special Effects Samples list some of my favorite effects.

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