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I am living in Shanghai, China. I enjoy travel, cycling and helping first time visitors to Shanghai. I welcome your email or comment.

Blog *Preferred

I run my blog at http://home.wangjianshuo.com. I update it everyday about events in my life. If you find any article interesting, just post your comments there. Your comment is displayed on my home page. I can get notification via email, WAP about your post. So I won't miss your comment.


screen-jianshuo.at.hotmail.com-logo.PNG is my major personal email that I check daily. Send small size email to this address only.



If you are out side China, please consider the time difference between Shanghai (GMT+8) and your place. I did got phone call from U.S. at mid-night. :-D

MSN Messenger

My contact list is full (150 contacts). Send me an email before you add me to your contact. Otherwise, I may have to ignore you. I don't enjoy chatting on business time.

Update: I no longer accept MSN Messenger request for now, since I got two or three MSN Messenger add request recently but my MSN Messenger list was full already the last year. I am sorry that I cannot chat with you via MSN Messenger. Please send me emails.

Post Mail Address

23rd Floor, Metro Tower
30# Tian Yao Qiao Rd.
Shanghai, 200030, China

Please don't send mail bombs to me.

Important Notice Before You Contact Me

I may publish your email or MSN on this website. I will remove your contact information, for example, your email, your full name, your phone number. I will keep your first name and your URL if you give it to me. In any circumstances, I will NOT publish your email address.

If you

  1. Don't want me to publish your words or
  2. You want me to publish your full name as credit

Let me know in your email.

The above information is last verified to be correct on May 27, 2004 by Jian Shuo Wang.

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