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My Hobbies - Travel, Maps and Photography

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To be frank, I don't have as much hobby as before I entered University. I am too busy and don't have much time on my personal life. Fortunately, I am not totally lost. At least, I am still interested in travel, maps and streets, photography and movies.


Visiting other places is an always exciting experience. Check out where I have been. Previous, before I visited Daocheng, I prefer to travel to major cities. Later, I found mountains, especially in west part of China.

Maps and streets

One of my favorite toy is the compass. I, with my orientation team members, won the First prize of an orienting game held in Sheshan in 2000.

Web Communities

I am an active member of the following communities. I am

  1. Contributor of www.zeal.com under login name jianshuo
  2. Active member at www.shanghaiexpat.com forum under name jianshuo


I am not a professional photographer.

I began to learn to take photos back in 1989. My elder brother loved photography so I followed him. My first camera is a Hu Qiu brand 135 make. Now I am using a Seagull DF98 with a 50 mm standard lens and a 78-210mm Seagull zoom lens. You may not even heard of the manufacture of the camera. It is a very large one in China, producing cheap photography equipments. It cost me only 690RMB ($84)for the camera with standard lens and 720RMB($87) for the long distance lens. Many friends of mine suggest me buy a Nikon or Canon. I believe camera is not the most important factor in photography. According to the courseware of New York Institute of Photography, many very famous photos are even taken by a take-and-drop camera.

Most photos listed on this web site is taken by myself. Here are some scenes I have taken.

Thanks to my first photography mentor, I formed the habit (maybe the good habit to record all the metrics for each photo I took. Thus I can continue to analysis and improve.

Good or fun Photo


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