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Currency Exchange

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You can find banks for currency exchange in both Arrival Halls and Departure Halls. Relatively, more banks are in the Departure Halls (Floor 3) than in the Arrival Hall (Floor 1)

Currency Exchange in Departure Hall

CITIC Bank in the arrival hall (Floor One). It opens until the last flight of the day arrives.

The same bank. As you can see from the picture, it is besides Gate 14, Floor One.

Currency Exchange in Arrival Hall

ICBC (Industry and Commercial Bank of China) and Bank of China in the Departure Hall. They offer Currency Exchange service. They operates till the last flight arrives.

CITIC Bank in the departure hall.

Questions on Current Exchange

I received the following questions from my visitor and I want to give public answers after getting his permission.

Thanks for so many useful info for Shanghai from your web site.

I have specific questions regarding exchange USA dollar into Chinese currency in Pudong airport ( you displayed Shanghai Pudong Development Bank there).

1. After I arrive there, what is the USA dollar exchange rate into Chinese RMB?
2. What is the USA dollar limit I can exchange at the bank? $1000, $2000, $3000?, etc
3. Service charge for $1000, $2000, $3000?, etc

1. Currency exchange rate always changes, as in any place in the world. The change rate varies every day. However, the counter's rate does not change as frequent as the online transaction. It reports the rate of that day every morning and the rate is displayed at the counter - see the big screen with red characters - it is the exchange rate display board. Check the current exchange rate online at http://www.bank-of-china.com/english/index.html Please note that there should be a very slight difference between the online rate and the rate at the counter - the former is refreshed in real time and the later is refreshed once per day. 821.51

2. After checking with the Bank of China hotline, The USD to RMB exchange limitation is 200,000 USD (Two hundred thousand USD) for both local residents or foreigners. Exchanging above that limit need to be reported to the Foreign Currency Exchange Administration and waiting for approval and register. I think the limit should be OK for you, but you still need to check if you need to claim the cash at custom if you bring too much money. The limit applyies to exchange in cash.

You also need to pay attention that although you can exchange your USD to RMB, withdrawing cash over 50,000 RMB (Fifty thousand RMB) needs appointment in advance. Otherwise, you need to create an account in the bank and withdraw it later in other branch offices after you make the appointment.

3. There is no service charge for currency exchange in Bank of China. - I didn't check with other bank yet.

Special note:

For foreigners, please pay special attention that the RMB is not a free-exchange currency. You can change USD to RMB freely in China but the reserve exchange (RMB to USD) is restricted. If you want to change the remaining RMB back to USD, do keep the exchange receipt with you. RMB to USD exchange is not accepted with your original receipt.

More Information:

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