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Hotel Near Pudong Airport

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Hotel for one night near Pudong airport

Dear Sir,

I came across your site and had a question about the Pundong airport. I am flying in one evening and leaving in the morning to another part of China.

Where can I find a hotel close to the Pundong airport ?



A: Hi Daniel,

Sorry for late reply - my typical reply will be sent out within the day.

Regarding the question about the hotel near Pudong Airport, I believe you have very few choices. The Pudong airport area is too far from the downtown area - about 40 km, there is almost no hotels nearby now.

The only hotel is called Jin Jiang Inn. It is a 2-star hotel with current price of 188 RMB (22 USD) per night for standard room. Personally, I have very good experience with this hotel. It is within walk distance from the airport - 2km? Maybe. It is the nearest and the only hotel near Pudong airport.

There are many hotels near the Pudong Downtown. You can select from several very good 5 star to normal inns. But it is about 30-40 KM away. Since you are staying there only for transition, I will suggest Jin Jiang Inn for you.

You can call them at
Toll free: 8008201838
Tel: +86-21-68353568
fax: +86-21-68853550 (Thanks for Muhamad Sabri Ismail to update the information)
Address: #8, Qihang Rd., Pudong Airport

Their Chinese web site is http://www.jj-inn.com/jj-inn_pd1.htm

Hope the information is helpful for you.

Jian Shuo Wang

P.S. In order to help other passengers with the same questions as you, I will posting the answer of this email to my website. Your private information like full name and email address will be removed. If you'd like to add them or you'd like to remove the mail you sent to me completely, please reply to let me know.

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