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Sanya, Hainan in 1999

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To work in Microsoft is fun. Every year, the company offers trips for all employees. The destination for year 1999 is San Ya, Hai Nan.

We spend four day in Han Nan. I took a lot of photos but I haven't scanned them yet. Will keep posted later.

Questions and Answers for Hainan

I have received some email from around the world asking me about the trip for Hainan and query about the hotels. I am posting my answers here.

[Q] Anyway, would you tell me something more about Hainan?  Is it a nice place to spend, let's say, one week vacation?

[A] It is definitely a very good place for vacation. I was there three years ago. I visited Sanya and Haikou. It was a wonderful trip, especially for the time I spent in Sanya. The sea is very beautiful - deep blue and very different than the one I saw in Shanghai and east coast of America (I have been to Seattle and San Francisco). To be short, I highly recommend you for the trip - it is also the recommendation for some foreigners who have visited Hainan. One week is just fine. I spent 4 days there and thought it was too short. I suggest you to stay for longer in Sanya. As you can see from the map, it is the south most part of Hainan Island. Haikou is the capital of the province. It is also interesting.

[Q] Do you maybe know what the approximate costs of a 3 or 4 star hotel and water activities are?

[A] There are more than 300 hotels in Hainan Island, according to www.crip.com (Chinese web site). There are 80+ hotels in Haikou and 90+ in Sanya. Most of the hotels in Sanya are very nice, with good sea-view. I don't know the price for the hotel I stayed - the company paid for it that time. I checked it with my favorite agency. It seems the list price for most 5 star hotels are around 1300 RMB, but it is only around 500-600 RMB (60-70 USD) if book via agencies. I am using Ctrip.com - http://english.ctrip.com/Destinations/RegionDestinations.asp?Region=1. You can also give them a try. For 4 star hotels, it is typically 250-300 RMB (30-40USD), membership price. I also saw some pretty good 3 star hotel with price lower than 30 USD. I know you must be very surprised for the low price. I am too. It is much lower than the price in Shanghai and other big cities in China. Since Hainan is under-developed, and there are so many very good hotels there, that are the main reason for the low price. Based on my experience, the equipment and the hotels are almost the same as those in Shanghai and Seattle. For water activities, I have no idea, since I have never tried there. But just be sure that the price will be very low compared to the expense in U.S. You know it by looking at the hotel price. :-) 

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