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Jian Shuo Wang in Seattle

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Check some latest photos from my 2002 trip.

Places to Visit on Microsoft Campus

Sleepless in Seattle

I am in SFO

I visited Seattle for three times: June 2000, July 2001 and November 2002. For the first time, I was going there to attend an eCommerce seminar hosted by BizTalk and Commerce Server team at Washington Exhibition and Convention Center. The second time, I went there for internship in MSN product teams in Redmond. The last and the latest time, I went their to attend the Worldwide Community Conference.

Seattle is a middle-size city at the northwest corner of America. As most other west coast cities, people there are friendly. It is common that people on the street great each other no matter they know or don't know each other.

Here are some pictures I took during my first visit.

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