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Shanghai Pudong Airport

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Hi, welcome to Shanghai, the most exciting place in the world. I am Jian Shuo Wang. I am living in Shanghai, China. I created this site to help first-time travelers to city. There are 100+ real pictures and in-depth guide to the airport. If you find anything missing, please post your question on the Pudong Airport BBS.

Pudong airport in summary

Taxi is my recommended transportation for first-time visitors. It costs 120 -150 RMB (15~20 USD) to most places in downtown Shanghai. Airport buses are also available and operate on 6 routines. The Maglev train is completed but will open in October 2003. Arrive late? The airport buses operate until the last flight. arrives. Here is no good hotel near the airport though.

If you want to meet somebody, the arrival hall is the best place for them to wait for you. Everyone need to pass the same gate. You can find the current exchange, ATM machines, IDD or DDD phones, and stores everywhere in the airport. There is also a large info counter at the departure hall.

Difference with other airport

  1. You need to pay airport construction fee here. 50 RMB for domestic flights and 90 RMB for international flights
  2. There are two international airport in Shanghai. If you transit to local flights, be sure to check whether the flights departs from Hongqiao Airport (SHA) or Pudong airport (PVG). PVG is only one of them.
  3. Pudong airport is far from downtown areas - 40 KM.
  4. There is a good personal website for this web site - http://www.wangjianshuo.com/personal/places/pudongairport. Do you agree?


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