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Rent a Car

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To rent a car is NOT easy. However, you can try your luck by going to the Avis at Hong Qiao Airport.

Disclaimer: Information provided below is for your reference only. It is based on my personal experience with the vender mentioned. There is no guarantee of any kinds for the service or requirements. All the information are subject to change with my or your awareness. This iste is not affiliated or endorsed by the vender mentioned here.

Chinese Citizen

For Chinese citizens, you need the following documents:

Non-Chinese Citizen

You also need a Chinese driver's license. Chances are, you only have international driver's license. You needs to go to the Public Security Bureau  (PBS) to claim a temporary Chinese driver's license. Oh. Wait. To get it, you have to get a Temporary Chinese Residence Card besides your International driver's license and a passport. Then, how to get a Temporary Chinese Residence Card? Well, I don't know yet. Let me check it out.....

Then claim your car, drive, and return it.

They have Volkswagen Gol and Sail, all for 225 RMB per day, with 200 KM allowance included.

More Information:

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